Invite to Opening Day at the Capitol

Dear Friends and Constituents: Please join me for the Opening Day of the 83rd Legislative Session at noon on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at your State Capitol. My staff and I will host a hospitality suite in our new office, 4S.2 on the Fourth Floor of the Capitol building. Please join us for posole and […]

Media Statement on New Texas Gun Violence Legislation

Last week’s tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut serve as a reminder that our country faces an epidemic that we have allowed to fester for far too long. There are many facets to the problem and our culture must do some serious self-reflection if we are to solve it. However we must not let the enormity […]

Redistricting Update 091112

Here is a summary of recent action regarding redistricting: The three-judge federal court in D.C. issued its preclearance decision on August 28th, denying preclearance under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act to the redistricting plans for the Republican passed Texas Congressional, Senatorial, and House maps. The state then filed an appeal to the D.C. […]

Abbott Announces Redistricting Appeal

Today, Attorney General Greg Abbott announced that the state has filed an appeal to a DC Court ruling that Texas’ legislative maps passed by Republicans last session violated the Voting Rights Act. In his announcement, Abbott said he believes the DC District Court violated law and precedent by ruling that crossover and coalition districts are […]

US Court Rejects GOP Voter ID

Texas Republicans Lose Again – Voter ID Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott asked a federal court to approve Texas’ Voter ID law – Court said – “NO.” Here are some excerpts from the ruling…. more to come. To satisfy Section 5’s effect requirement, Texas must demonstrate that SB 14 will not “lead to a […]

DC Court Rejects all GOP Redistricting Maps

A Federal Appeals Court in D.C. ruled today that GOP maps drawn for Texas House, Texas Senate and Congressional districts fail to protect minority voters and were in violation of the federal Voting Rights Act. The redistricting maps that passed the GOP-dominated Texas Legislature last Session were rejected by the U.S. District Court of the […]

Growth in Local Foods Business

‘Locally Grown’ Food Now A $4.8 Billion Business, Says USDA Report By JIM SUHR 11/14/11 08:04 AM ET ST. LOUIS — Carolyn Anderson likes to chat up the growers at her local farmers market in Missouri, at times hanging out behind the beds of pickup trucks brimming with ears of corn. For Anderson, 29, it’s […]

Another Great Read about Foodways Texas Symposium

Foodways Texas Symposium: Preserving the Rich Culture of Drinking in the South By Emma Janzen | Monday, March 26, 2012, 02:18 PM Foodways Texas, the nonprofit created “to preserve, promote, and celebrate the diverse food cultures of Texas,” hosted its second annual symposium in Austin last weekend with a series of speakers and dinners that […]