Notes & Noticias: 10 Days Left 🕚

Pardon this brief update, but we only have 10 days left in the legislative session and I am hustling to pass my bills to help working families! Be sure to mark Saturday, June 6, on your calendar for my Post-Session Town Hall Meeting at a location to be announced in next week’s Notes & Noticias.

Property Tax Relief

As many of you know, fighting for property tax relief is among my top priorities.
Last session, I came very close to passing a bill that would have given cities and counties the flexibility to offer a homestead exemption via either a percentage rate or a flat-dollar amount.
This session, I am sponsoring a bill by Sen. Kirk Watson that will do the same. Our bill not only provides the opportunity for much-needed relief, it provides the flexibility for local governments to decide what works best for them.
After much compromise, the bill came over from the Senate and was passed out of the House Ways & Means committee this afternoon with a vote of 9-2. I am optimistic that we can get this bill set on the House Calendar before the clock runs out.

Op-ed on In-state Tuition

Be sure to read tomorrow’s edition of the Austin American Statesman, where I defend the economic benefits and moral high ground of allowing undocumented students to pay in-state tuition rates for college.


Eddie Rodriguez