Notes & Noticias: Justice for Jumpolin

justice for jumpolinLast week, a popular east Austin pinata store in my district was demolished, along with its inventory, cash registers and other property. According to the tenant, Sergio Lejarazu, he and his wife had received a notice from the building’s new owner to vacate the premises in 48 hours. But they never imagined that the notice would include total demolition of their store, Jumpolin.
While this matter will take months to wind its way through the courts, we do know this family’s livelihood has been wiped out. We can help the Lejarazus by donating to their fundraising page here or by patronizing their new temporary location at 4926-B East Cesar Chávez.

Standing with Immigrant Families

On Tuesday, I joined fellow leaders of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus to comment on the ruling by Federal District Judge Andrew Hanen that temporarily halted President Obama’s executive order protecting approximately 5 million undocumented immigrant families from deportation.
Nearly 1.5 million of those immigrants reside here in Texas. They are our neighbors, they are taxpayers, they are entrepreneurs who contribute to our local economies. This decision, promoted by Governor Abbott and Attorney General Paxton, is a shameless assault on them.
We must now wait on the Obama administration’s appeal to make its way through the courts once again — and at a tremendous cost to taxpayers. But I want to urge these hardworking families and their children to continue to prepare to apply for DACA expansion and DAPA.
This ruling is not permanent but merely a delay in the process. Immigrant families and their allies must not give up hope that Congress will find a permanent solution to our immigration crisis; one that does not unjustly punish these hardworking families but instead provides them the opportunity to live, work and stay in the United States.

“Braking” News: Dealership bill filed today

Today I filed HB 1653 along with Charles “Doc” Anderson, Jodie Laubenberg, Tan Parker and Ron Simmons and Sen. Kelly Hancock. This bill will allow Texans to purchase new vehicles directly from the manufacturer.
I filed this bill last session for Tesla Motors; this session, my legislation is broader in scope and will allow manufacturers that have never sold their cars through independent dealerships in Texas to operate a limited number of stores. Our current franchise dealership laws were created to prevent vehicle manufacturers from unfairly competing with their existing franchised dealerships, not to restrict competition. HB 1653 ensures Texans have access to breakthrough automotive technology.

Supporting Strong Community Schools

Tomorrow I will be speaking on a panel with Representatives Donna Howard and Gary VanDeaver and Senator Kirk Watson as part of the Save Texas Schools central Texas conference. Mayor Adler will also address the crowd. Texas public schools are facing critical challenges, and we must refocus our efforts to pass legislation *this session* that will improve our public schools. All are welcome to register for the event.

Where: First Baptist Church, downtown Austin
When: 6:00-8:30pm
I hope to see you there.


Eddie Rodriguez