Notes & Noticias: Committees and Racecars


Yesterday, Speaker Joe Straus named House committee assignments, and I am very pleased with my placements. I have been named vice chair of Environmental Regulation. As the current director of the Energy & Environment Law Internship Program of Texas, I am committed to ensuring that sound public policies are advanced to protect our state’s most precious resources for the next generation.

The Speaker has re-appointed me to the Committee on Economic and Small Business Development, where I will continue to prioritize high-paying, competitive jobs for all Texans. Over the interim, the committee looked at ways to improve public-private partnerships, reform incentives programs and expand manufacturing opportunities. I look forward to continuing the our progress in this area.

I am also looking forward to serving on the influential Calendars Committee, which manages the order of legislation to be considered on the floor. This gives me an opportunity to ensure that the most pertinent priorities for working families are also the priorities shared with my fellow legislators.

Tolerance and Respect

Last week, a freshman state representative made national headlines when she directed her staff to ask Muslim visitors to pledge allegiance to the United States and renounce Islamic terrorist groups. This hateful and unwelcoming rhetoric has no place in our Texas Capitol.

As a policy, constituents of all faiths and backgrounds are warmly invited to visit my office. My office respects and celebrates diversity.

Racing Cars with Representative Israel

Representative Celia Israel joined me in my office yesterday to meet with representatives of the Mattel Children’s Foundation and the University of Southern California’s Dr. Julie Marsh to preview the new Speedometry Hot Wheels 4th grade Science curriculum.

Austin ISD and Del Valle ISD are utilizing the additive teaching lessons in science classes on physics, force and speed. They visited the State Capitol as part of a trip to Austin to meet with education policymakers and professional educators on the new curriculum and discuss how Mattel is evolving as a learning company.

Representative Israel and I raced toy cars… but I am not allowed to disclose who won.


Eddie Rodriguez