Please Go Vote

We are in the final stretch of what has been a very long city council election season. We have the opportunity to finally elect faces at City Hall who can represent the interests of all Austinites, and not just a few select zip codes.

I am proud to back Mike Martinez for Mayor. He has been an independent voice on Council and a true leader in handling our city’s transportation crisis. He is committed to property tax solutions that work for all Austinites and ensuring that nobody gets priced out of their own homes.

In District 3, my friend Pío Renteria has been a local leader in our neighborhoods for many years. He is committed to building coalitions across his diverse district in order to improve affordability and quality of life for everyone. His heart is in the right place, and I have no doubt that he will be an effective voice on Council.

In District 4, Gregorio Casar is the young and bright candidate I trust to get the job done. He already has proven himself as a community leader through his work at the Workers Defense Project. He is the policy wonk who understands who our city works and who knows how to make it better.

All three candidates will stand firm with working families. I urge you to vote early for them at any polling location in the city today through December 12. Election Day is Tuesday, December 16.