First Bills Filed this Morning



In just over a month, the madness at the Capitol will begin as 181 legislators gather for a 140-day whirlwind of lawmaking. You can bet that I will be fighting for affordable housing, food security and better schools. If you have any bill ideas for the next session, please do not hesitate to send me an email at I want to hear from you.

Christine and I were spotted in the Westlake Picayune after attending the Mexic-Arte Museum 30th Anniversary Celebration.
Early voting for the City Council runoff ends tomorrow.Election Day is November 16!

Please join me in supporting Greg Casar, Pío Renteria and Mike Martinez.

First Bills Filed to Help Keep Austin Affordable

Today, I filed my first bills for the 84th Legislative Session. They are two important pieces that I am bringing back from the 2013 legislature to help address the property tax and affordability crisis many Austinites and Texans are facing.

HB 490 would permit local governments to adopt a percentage homestead exemption (tax cut) limit, as an alternative to the percentage homestead exemption currently permitted. The bill is contingent on voter approval of a constitutional amendment permitting such an exemption.

HJR 57 would amend the Constitution to authorize governing bodies (cities or counties) that adopt tax cuts of a percentage of market values of an individual’s residence homestead to be able to set limits on the dollar amount of the exemption to which an individual is entitled to in a tax year.

A limited exemption directs more of the benefits to middle income households as a fair way to reduce property taxes for homeowners. This increases the flexibility of local governments to use the homestead exemption as a way to provide property tax cuts to citizens. It also affords local governments better control over the amount of revenue foregone.

Keeping Our Community Safe

Tomorrow will be the last day that Diane Sun, a freshman at The University of Texas, will be interning in my office. Diane is a business major who hopes to work at a progressive-leaning public policy think tank one day. She has assisted our office with legislative research, constituent services and other administrative tasks. I wish her the best and will highly recommend her for any of her academic or career pursuits in the near future.