Notes & Noticias: Tax-free Weekend Starts Tomorrow


This week’s KXAN story brings more local attention to the important issue of property tax relief and once again raises the question of a flat-rate homestead exemption for the city of Austin.

I’m currently examining bill ideas that will reduce the burden to lower- and middle-income homeowners and allow cities like Austin to determine the best formulas for providing homestead exemptions to their residents. Per KXAN:

“Both [Austin mayoral candidates] agree it would be better to offer a flat rate homestead exemption so the savings are equal across the board no matter how much your home is worth. That option is not currently allowed under state law.”

It’s time to figure out how to offer flat-rate exemptions so that high-dollar homeowners aren’t getting a bigger break. I hope you will support me in changing this law next session.

JOBS: Political Field Organizers

Want to see my friend Wendy Davis in the Governor’s Mansion? The Travis County Democratic Party is hiring grassroots campaign organizers starting now through November. As a former executive director of our local party, I know very well the need to recruit a strong and diverse team across the county.

The pay is $10.10 an hour, and they offer a flexible schedule. Almost anyone who is willing to knock on doors, communicate with voters and be honest about their results can be considered. Interested Democrats can or call 512.477.7500. They can also reach the Coordinated Campaign Field Director, Brian Jackson, directly at 805.698.2822.

Texas’ Tax-free Weekend

It is time for many families to gear up for the new school year, and that means making sure our kids have the supplies they need for the classroom. That is why the Texas Legislature has designated this weekend, August 8-10, as the Sales Tax-free Holiday. This means that most school supplies, backpacks and clothes priced under $100 in stores across Texas will be tax-free, and families can save $8 on every $100 they spend. For more information, you can check out the Secretary of State’s website.