Notes & Noticias: Endorsed by Planned Parenthood



I am proud to announce that the Planned Parenthood Texas Votes Board recently voted to endorse me for re-election to the Texas House! It is an honor to have earned their trust for another term.

With so many recent attacks on women’s health care options at the state and national level, it is important that we stand firm in our beliefs and principles as we prepare for the next legislative session. You can always count on me to be a sincere supporter of women’s rights. As I’ve said before, politicians make for crummy doctors.

More Federal Onion Creek Funding

This week, Congressman Lloyd Doggett announced that the U.S. House has given the green light on $3.625 million in funds for Onion Creek home buyouts. This is very positive news for many homeowners still recovering from the Halloween Floods last year. If the funding goes through, the Army Corps of Engineers will provide funds to the City of Austin to conduct the buyouts. I am optimistic that the U.S. Senate and President Obama will approve the funding to help the families most affected.

CAPCOG Meeting

As one of three legislators serving on the executive committee of the Capital Area Council of Government, I appreciate the opportunity to work with local and regional leaders in identifying needs and constructing the solutions to the unique challenges we face in Central Texas. My focus has recently been invested in seeking ways to improve economic development for District 51 and all of central Texas. I am joined by fellow State Representatives John Isaac and Paul Workman on the committee. Learn more about CAPCOG and our current projects here.

Let’s Conserve Water Together

The heat of the summer in Austin seems to be pretty relentless these days. Remember that Austin is currently under Stage 2 Watering Restrictions, meaning that we must all be more mindful of our water usage. Be sure to check out helpful tips and when your watering days are here.

Thanks for reading this week’s Notes & Noticias. As always, please do not hesitate to reach me or my staff with any questions or comments you may have about happenings in the Capitol and around District 51. I can be reached by emailFacebookTwitter or phone at (512) 463-0674.




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