Notes & Noticias: Go Vote in the Runoff!


Elections are heating up around Texas, but we still have to make it past the Democratic Primary runoff. Be sure to make your voice heard in the US Senate and Agriculture Commissioner races. If you aren’t voting by mail, early voting ends tomorrow, May 23. For more information about voting, contact the Secretary of State’s office at

While still on the topic of elections, I am scratching my head on why Greg Abbott is refusing to participate in a series of six debates around the state with Wendy Davis. Is he really too busy to defend his out-of-touch agenda with the voters? Texans deserve a chance to see the clear choice they will have to make in November. I hope he changes his mind.

A Cool Urban Farm

On Friday, I spent the morning with roughly 150 awesome pre-K and kindergarten students from Houston Elementary at Craig Scott’s farm in South Austin.

The kids got to go on tractor-wagon rides and see goats, chickens and other farm animals up close. They learned about healthy eating and the importance of agriculture while having a lot of fun.

As Chairman of the House Farm-to-Table Caucus, it was great to see one of Austin’s many urban farms thriving as a benefit to our community.

Congrats Huey Rey!

I’m very proud of my legislative aide, Huey Rey Fischer, who graduated from The University of Texas last week. He is a great addition to my office, and he has a bright future.

Community First Housing Development

Last Session, I sponsored House Bill 294, which exempted certain community developments from the payment of real property taxes.

On Monday, I toured one of those establishments, the Community First housing development on Hog Eye Road that will be groundbreaking in our district later this summer. It is great to see a preview of the positive impact this piece of legislation will have on our transient community in Austin.

Thanks again for reading Notes and Noticias. I look forward to seeing you in the community!

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