Notes & Noticias: Equal Pay for Texans

Dear Friends,

There’s so much at stake in this year’s race for governor. The last few weeks have emphasized how out-of-touch Attorney General Greg Abbott is with the needs of working Texans.

Greg Abbott opposes allowing women to sue over wage discrimination in our Texas courts, and has a record of paying women and people of color less in the AG’s office.

Read on for more about this issue, and find out what we’re doing to turn out the Hispanic vote here in Travis County.

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Equal Pay for Every Texan


This shouldn’t even be a controversial issue in Texas in 2014 — men and women deserve the same wages for the same day’s work.

Attorney General Greg Abbott refuses to stand up for the rights of Texas women to sue employers in our state courts for wage discrimination.

Abbott already has a history of opposing women’s access to health care and defending $5.4 billion in cuts from public education in the courts. As Attorney General, he even defended the right of an employer to wage-discriminate against women. It’s absurd! 

Now, an analysis by the San Antonio Express-News has demonstrated that women are paid less in Greg Abbott’s office — even women with the same experience and education as their male counterparts. Data shows that the same is also true for Hispanic and African-American employees in the office. 

Greg Abbott should not be using our Texas Attorney General’s office to wage discriminate against Texans. 

The financial impact of wage discrimination on working women, Texas families, and especially the children of single mothers is significant, and harmful to our state’s economic growth and vitality.

While Greg Abbott has given himself a 61% pay raise over the years, Texas families have increasingly struggled to keep pace with the cost of living.

Texas is unfortunately home to tremendous income inequality. Paying workers the same wage for the same work — regardless of their gender identity, race, or sexuality — is a basic principle and one that all Texans should embrace in the name of fairness.


TCDP’s Hispanic Caucus


Last Saturday, I had the great honor of addressing the Hispanic Caucus at the TCDP County Convention. We had a packed room full of people ready to work hard to turn out the vote this November.

We discussed messaging targeted towards the Hispanic community and what we can do to increase our share of the vote this November.

Along with other local Democratic leaders, I was glad to help facilitate a productive conversation with Latino and Latina grassroots activists.

Our community must work together, organize, and turn out the vote to help elect not only Wendy Davis and Leticia Van De Putte, but also great Democrats including Diane Henson and Steve Brown, who will work hard to make our state government accountable to all Texans.

Now, we need your help. Sign up to volunteer with the Travis County Democratic Party. Together, we will turn out voters and make sure Texas elects leaders that respect the Hispanic community.


Volunteers Needed for Citizenship Drive


Volunteers are still needed for our upcoming citizenship drive. Sign up to help those who are beginning the naturalization process. 

The event is Saturday, April 5 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Travis High School, 1211 East Oltorf Street.

Volunteers will help qualified Legal Permanent Residents complete their citizenship applications.

Training will be provided prior to the workshop and immigration attorneys and other legal experts will be available to answer questions and review each application. Volunteers do not have to be bilingual.

Click here to sign up to volunteer.

If you have friends, family members, or neighbors that are eligible to become citizens, please let them know about this opportunity.

Let’s make sure that everyone who seeks the rights and duties of American citizenship has an opportunity to receive them.


Join Me Next Wednesday


Please join me next Wednesday for a fundraiser in support of my re-election.

While I am fortunate not to have a Republican opponent, I must still raise funds to support Hispanic outreach and make sure we run the strongest voter turnout operation in east and southeast Austin.   

Campaign Fundraiser
Wednesday, April 2nd | 5:00-7:00 pm
Dogwood | 715 West 6th Street 

If you cannot attend, please consider making a secure donation online. 
Click here to contribute.

 Thanks for your support, I hope to see you there!

Eddie Rodriguez