Notes & Noticias: Double Or Nothing

Dear Friends,

Last week, I announced my $5,000 match to Wendy Davis for all contributions to her campaign made through this link. The match ends this Saturday at midnight, and we’ve still got $3,000 left to go.

Click here and donate to Wendy! Make your dollars go twice as far with my $5,000 match.

In this week’s Notes and Noticias, meet the owners of a great home-roasted business in District 51, learn more about what’s on the ballot in the election going on right now, and RSVP for my health care workshop on the Affordable Care Act.

Double or Nothing

We all know the importance of donating to Wendy Davis. She needs funds to run the strongest campaign possible and show that a Democrat can win statewide in Texas.

Today I’m going to explain to you why it’s so important that we give to her now, and that you take advantage of my $5,000 match to Wendy’s campaign.

I call it “double or nothing.”

Early fundraising on a campaign is crucial to success. It gives a candidate the resources to hire the best staff and make strategic decisions that aren’t guided by a shortage of resources.

Wendy will need all the money she can get. Her likely Republican opponent, Greg Abbott, will raise millions of dollars from Rick Perry’s wealthy cronies who are determined to maintain the status quo at the Capitol.

Her best chance is for all of us to step up and give as much as we can, as quickly and frequently as we can, to make sure she has the funds she needs to run the strongest campaign possible.

If Greg Abbott is elected as the next governor of Texas, we won’t see the progress we need on public education, access to health care, or basic equality for all Texans.

In short, the people of Texas will get nothing from Greg Abbott: nothing to address our most pressing infrastructure needs and nothing to ensure that the promise of Texas remains attainable by all who live in our state.

I’m giving you the chance to double your donation. Click here and donate to Wendy Davis through my match program, and I’ll double your impact.

Double your money to Wendy Davis, or end up with Greg Abbott — and a lot of “nothing.”

Spotlight On: Texas Coffee Traders

I drink a lot of coffee, and if you’re reading this newsletter, the odds are that you do, too. That’s why I’m so proud that some of Austin’s best coffee is roasted right here in District 51.

Texas Coffee Traders is a local business started in 1994 by R.C. Beall in East Austin. They roast fresh beans daily and send their coffees out to businesses across Austin that proudly serve their delicious brews. Texas Coffee Traders has even crafted unique roasts for some of our local restaurants.

Texas Coffee Traders is a great example of keeping it local: by providing coffee to other local businesses, they help keep money in our economy, create good jobs, and reduce negative environmental impacts.

They’re also great community partners, providing over 200,000 cups of coffee to non-profit organizations and charitable events just last year. That’s a lot of buzz!

Sustainability is a priority for Texas Coffee Traders. Their coffee is organic and produced following fair trade principles. They’ve also been a major force in supporting fair trade and organic farming in Costa Rica.

The next time you’re in the mood for a fresh cup of coffee, look for Texas Coffee Traders or head over to their store on East 4th Street. You’ll be supporting a great local business and sustainability all while getting your caffeine fix.

Early Voting Ends Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Friday November 1, is the last day to vote early in the 2013 Constitutional Amendment Elections.

For a list of Early Voting locations, click here.

Below are my recommendations on the two local elections on your ballot.

City of Austin Prop 1: FOR

If you live in the City of Austin, I encourage you to vote FOR the City of Austin bonds on the ballot, which will provide much-needed funds for affordable housing programs. These bonds will not raise property taxes, and will ensure that the non-profit organizations developing affordable housing for low- and middle-income Austinites can continue to thrive.

HD-50 Special Election: Celia Israel

If you live in HD-50, I encourage you to vote for Celia Israel in the special election to fill the seat vacated by Mark Strama. Celia has a long history of progressive activism and is a leader on issues that are important to me: transportation, affordability, equality, and education. Celia will be a strong, progressive voice in the State House. I urge you to support her, and to encourage your friends in HD-50 to do likewise.

Early voting ends tomorrow. If you do not vote early, you may vote on Election Day at any polling location. Click here for more information.

Join Me Saturday For An Affordable Care Act Workshop

Do you need to learn more about the ACA, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act?

Do you have questions about how to enroll in health insurance on the exchanges or what this means for your current coverage?

Join me this Saturday for a workshop where experts will be answering questions about the ACA and how it can help you and families across Austin.

Affordable Care Act Workshop
Saturday, November 2 | 10:00-11:30 a.m.
William B. Travis High School Cafeteria | 1211 E. Oltorf Street
RSVP on Facebook

28.8% of Texans currently lack health insurance. Our state can benefit tremendously from President Obama’s landmark legislation, but we have to be proactive about taking advantage of its benefits. Join me Saturday and have your questions answered.

Thanks for reading this week’s Notes and Noticias!


p.s. Don’t forget! My $5,000 match to Wendy Davis ends at midnight Saturday! Click here to donate and I’ll double your support.