School Breakfast

Eliminating childhood hunger and obesity continue to be a focus for me this session. I have recently filed HB 296 to require public school districts that already participate in the national school breakfast program, and where 80% of the students qualify for free or reduced breakfast, to offer all remaining students free breakfast regardless of eligibility.
In Texas, close to 2.7 million public school students live at or below the 185% federal poverty level and qualify for federally-funded free or reduced price school meals. Half of these 2.7 million children attend schools where 80%of the students qualify for free or reduced price meals. Mandating that free breakfast be provided to all students at these schools would encourage participation in the school breakfast program and lead to greater success for these low-income students.
Increasing participation in school breakfast programs across the state would have a positive financial impact on our public schools that are struggling to meet the needs of low-income students by allowing the schools to leverage additional federal funding for universal school breakfast.
We can help end childhood hunger in Texas, and HB 296 will help reduce hunger among low-income children, increase academic success, and improve overall health and nutrition for our public school students statewide.