I Support Marathon High

Marathon High has come a long way in the past few months. In early September, we started the program by jogging 5 minutes and on December 13 these same students ran the 13.1-mile Decker Half-Marathon!
We have two more races this year, the penultimate Rogue 30K (18.6 miles) and the Austin Marathon (26.2 miles). If funding continues at the current rate we will expand the program through the remainder of the semester to encompass the ultimate Austin race, the Capital 10,000. We hope to continue to raise donations and re-recruit for the Capital 10,000 and get more students involved in the program.

Currently we expect around 15-20 kids to finish both the marathon and half marathon in Austin. Thirty to forty participants surpass our original first-year goal, serving as a testament to the program. We have plans to expand into 3-4 more schools for the 2013-2014 program and hope to serve 200 kids! But, we can’t do this alone. With an anticipated cost of $500 per student, donations are needed for gear, nutrition, race entries, transportation to-and-from races, program expansion and curriculum enrichment. We’ve done our homework and understand that this program needs to cover more than just running in order to make a permanent change in an individual’s life. We are actively working to support a curriculum that would do just that. A curriculum that creates motivated stewards of the community that, by bettering themselves, gain the desire to better their community.
Marathon High was recently awarded a $15,000 Moody Foundation matching grant. Marathon High is now gearing up to raise donations to match the grant through the end of May 2013.
To donate, go to marathonhigh.org and click on the PayPal “Donate” Button to link to the Team Rogue PayPal account. Team Rogue is the name of the organization that governs the Marathon High program.