Abbott Announces Redistricting Appeal

Today, Attorney General Greg Abbott announced that the state has filed an appeal to a DC Court ruling that Texas’ legislative maps passed by Republicans last session violated the Voting Rights Act. In his announcement, Abbott said he believes the DC District Court violated law and precedent by ruling that crossover and coalition districts are the same as minority opportunity districts and the court’s ruling that new districts should be created to satisfy an increase in Texas’ minority population.

At stake in the state’s appeal is the Pre-Clearance section of the Voting Rights Act, which requires nine states with long histories of minority voter suppression – including Texas – to seek federal pre-approval of redistricting maps and election law changes.

Basically, Republicans are challenging the Voting Rights Act itself, which is the pre-eminent law protecting the voting rights of minorities.

So, once again, we are in a holding pattern while the Supreme Court decides whether to take up this appeal. I will continue to update you as this story progresses.