San Antonio Court Releases Interim Congressional Map

The Austin American-Statesman is reporting that the San Antonio court has released redistricting maps for the U.S. House that divide Travis County into five districts. The maps include the dreaded CD 35, based in Bexar County but with the southeast quarter of Travis County hijacked into that district. Our Congressman Lloyd Doggett would, under the court’s maps, likely have to run in the Bexar County-based district.

Read the Statesman’s story here

I’m on the phone with my attorneys and others close to the process. I’ll update later today as I get more information to share with you. In particular I hope to let you know if there is any recourse at this point in time.

The San Antonio Court has entered an order adopting Plan C135 as interim map. I haven’t had a chance to review, but is says that the legal opinion will follow. The order appears to adopt the entire or a substantial part of the Abbott/MALDEF/Cuellar Compromise

Click here to view the Court Order

You can view the Congressional map by clicking and selecting plan C235. The Texas House map is H309.