Summary of Today’s Court Order

Today, the San Antonio Federal District Court ordered to re-set the status conference hearing to 1 pm on Friday, January 27th instead of February 1st.

In summary:

The Court is likely to reconsider or revise the December 16th election schedule order which called for an April primary date.

The parties are given until February 6th to say whether they want to stick with the current schedule. If the parties want to stick with the current schedule they are to submit agreed upon interim maps. If the parties do not want to stick with the current schedule they are to determine which districts in the maps passed by the Texas Legislature they no longer objected to.

By January 27th, the parties are to indicate whether they have abandoned any legal positions and to indicate whether any more evidence is needed.

The parties are to ask the DC Court to move quickly and rule “in time for [SA] court to incorporate those decisions.”

There is an indication that there may be delay in the April 3rd primary date; saying the parties should give “serious consideration” to a split (or bifurcated) primary – setting a separate date for the Presidential Primary and a separate date for the state and local primary. The parties would need to address the primary question on January 27th.

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