Abbott seeks compromise on maps

Today the three-judge panel in San Antonio issued an ultimatum to all parties in the combined lawsuit over redistricting. The court told us to agree on an interim map by February 6 or risk delaying both primaries beyond April 3.

Alternatively, the court said the litigants could submit a list of districts that they agree must be remedied in any interim map drawn for the 2012 elections.

Such delay would be costly to taxpayers and also to the two parties, since state conventions would have to be rescheduled. That’s why both political parties want to see the primaries happen at the earliest possible date – April 3.

Today the court heard concerns from both parties about the expense and difficulty of re-scheduling state party conventions. The GOP state convention had been scheduled for June 7 in Fort Worth. Our convention is currently scheduled for June 8-9 in Houston. This concern over the timing of conventions seems to have encouraged Texas’ Republican Attorney General to finally seek a compromise with us on interim maps.

For more detail, see this evening’s story in the Austin American-Statesman: