Deal Struck in San Antonio Redistricting Case


D’s and R’s come together on agreement extending candidate filing deadline until Dec. 19

Details are just being released but word out of San Antonio this afternoon is that the two parties have agreed to postpone the candidate filing deadline until Monday, Dec. 19.

Under this agreement, residency requirements for candidates for Lege and Congress are being temporarily suspended for the obvious reason that legal district lines don’t yet exist. Candidates will need to indicate the district sought and under which map. Also, candidates will be allowed to amend their applications or withdraw with a full refund of the filing fee.

After district lines are set, another filing period will happen. The question of a primary date and how many primary dates there will be won’t be addressed today. The parties will likely revisit that question next month.

The deal is pending court approval. But a second filing deadline would seem to make the upcoming Monday deadline less final than it would be otherwise.