One Step Forward for Travis County

The federal court in San Antonio today issued interim maps of the Texas Congressional districts, giving Travis County voters districts that are based here in town, not in San Antonio. This is a triumph for Travis County and one that I fought hard for, alongside Congressman Lloyd Doggett and others who passionately advocated for keeping our community of interest and our powerful voting coalition intact.

The new map, which determines the lines under which voters will elect members of Congress next fall, was also a victory for Democrats statewide. It includes two new Democratic districts and two districts that are restored from the Republican gerrymandering of last session.

Even better news is that the interim maps created a total of three minority opportunity districts and one coalition district that is able to elect a minority candidate. (District 33 in Dallas/Fort Worth is roughly one-third African American, one-third Hispanic and one-third other.)

District 23 was restored in San Antonio/West Texas, and District 27 from Corpus Christi to Brownsville was also restored to remain Hispanic opportunity districts.

District 35 was newly created to elect a Hispanic congressman from Bexar County. Key to our victory is that this new district stops at Travis County line and does not take a chunk of our voting coalition away to San Antonio.

District 25 includes most of Travis County and half of Hays County. In Travis County, it takes in all precincts from the eastern and southern county lines, west to MOPAC. It includes some precincts west of MOPAC, but excludes a sliver of far-northern Travis County that is drawn into Congressman Mike McCaul’s Republican district. In Hays County, the district includes everything west of Interstate 35.

As lead plaintiff on Rodriguez v. Perry, one of several lawsuits that challenged the Republican maps, I want to thank our legal team and all our hard-working staff for their tireless work defending Travis County voters in this case. And congratulations to our Travis County coalition!