New House and Senate Maps Released

New House and Senate maps were released today and here are some of the highlights:

– There were no surprises in Travis County, as the 6 House Districts look like the ones drawn during Session with 5 Democrats and one Republican.

– At least one Democratic pairing has been separated, as Rep. Hubert Vo and Rep. Scott Hochberg now have separate districts to run in.

– Republican Beverly Woolley’s district was eliminated. Rep. Woolley previously announced her intention to retire.

– In South Texas, the district where Democrat Veronica Gonzales and Democrat-turned-Republican Aaron Pena both reside is much more Democratic than the map passed by the Legislature. The district has returned almost to the status quo.

– Senator Wendy Davis’ of Fort Worth retained a district similar to her current one. The map passed by Republican legislators would have eliminated Democratic parts of Tarrant County while adding Republican strongholds.

– The House map includes 58 minority opportunity districts.

– The House map creates 13 open seats. Former Democratic Rep. Paula Pierson has announced her intent to run for the new open seat in HD 93.

We are expecting Congressional Districts tomorrow so please stay tuned for updates.