Republican Cuts to Cause AISD Teacher Layoffs

Because of Republican budget cuts, schools in my district will lose up to 227 teachers and staff. Affected schools include: Travis High School, Eastside Green Tech High School, International High School at Eastside, Fulmore Middle School, Martin Middle School, Mendez Middle School, Allison Elementary, Brooke Elementary, Dawson Elementary, Govalle Elementary, Metz Elementary, Oak Springs Elementary, Sanchez Elementary, Pleasant Hill Elementary, Travis Heights Elementary, Allan Elementary, Zavala Elementary, Linder Elementary, Houston Elementary, Langford Elementary, Palm Elementary, Hermelinda Rodriguez Elementary, Widen Elementary, Blazier Elementary, and Perez Elementary.

In addition, Representative Dukes will lose up to 252 teachers and staff; Representative Workman will lose up to 161 teachers and staff; Representative Howard will lose up to 43 teachers and staff; Representative Naishtat will lose up to 157 teachers and staff; and Representative Strama will lose up to 38 teachers and staff at the schools in their districts.