My Legislative Agenda So Far

Each session, I like to keep my constituents updated about the legislation I am working on.  Early bill filing is already underway for the 82nd session of the Texas Legislature and so far I have filed five pieces of legislation to tackle difficult issues important to the residents of HD 51 and the rest of the state.  I expect to be filing several more bills before the session gets underway.  Below are brief explanations of the several I’ve already dropped in the hopper.  As we get closer to session I’ll spend more time on each bill, but be sure and contact my office if you have any questions or comments about any of these:

HB 211: Increasing Texas’ Renewable Energy Goals

  • Requires that 35% of our electricity come from renewable sources by 2020
  • Creates Texas’ first requirement for solar specific generation

HB 212 Strengthening Regulations on the Payday Loan Industry

  • Closes Loophole allowing lenders to charge up to 500% interest
  • Ensures Payday Lenders operate under the regulations that the Legislature intended them to operate under.

HB 213 Protecting the Rights of Homeowners

  • Extends consumer protections for homeowners with mortgages outside of Federal regulation.
  • Give homeowners access to their mortgage account history (ie. current balance, principal due and non credited payments)
  • Gives homeowners a point of contact for mortgage questions and resolve disputes.

HB 352 Adding  Transparency to Government Spending

  • Requires a “Cost/Benefit Analysis” of  new rule proposals in the Supreme Court of Texas
  • Makes the analysis available to the public for comment, and suggestions by citizens

HB 357 Reducing the Disabled Dropout Rate

  • Requires transition services for students with disabilities start at age 14 instead of the Federally required age of 16 .
  • Requires Designation of school transition and employment services coordinator.
  • Creates a transition and employment manual for students enrolled in special education programs.

I will share more about each of these bills and several more in the coming months. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions, concerns or want to help us move this important legislation.