Shocking Incident

I want to share with you a news report that I found extremely troubling,
not only for the alleged violence and racism, but for the more than one
year that passed between the incident and the public’s knowledge of it.
Like most everyone else in Austin, I learned about this from the Austin
American-Statesman’s story last… Thursday (see link).

My staff and I am following this one closely. I wish to
see the matter resolved without further delay and with
the full force of justice. This alleged violent outburst by a law
enforcement officer is exactly why any new laws targeting illegal
immigants and giving police the right to use ethnic profiling would be
highly dangerous in Texas. All it takes is one bad egg to ruin an
omelet. The officer in question has, if the multiple witness accounts
are true, clearly brought shame on his colleagues and superiors. I’m
having a difficult time understanding why he remains employed as a
deputy constable.

Deputy constable accused of beating, exposing woman at school, suit says