Double Your Donation to TCDP

Dear Travis County Democrats,

I am committed to electing fair-minded, responsible candidates to office. That means I am working tirelessly to elect Democrats to every office from the County Courthouse to the Governor’s mansion.

Today, I am proud to announce a $15,000 matching fund to help the Travis County Democratic Party gain the support it needs to run another successful coordinated campaign.

Every two years, Democrats from across the county devote their time and energy to electing progressive leaders including Valinda Bolton, Donna Howard, Karen Huber, Woodie Jones, and so many others. With the upcoming re-districting battle and an $18 billion shortfall to mitigate during the next legislative session, it has never been more important to strive for a Democratic majority in the Texas House of Representatives and a Democratic Texas Governor.

I hope you will join me in supporting the Travis County Democratic Party by taking part in the matching fund drive.

Visit and click the “Donate to TCDP” button to make your contribution. I will match every dollar donated, up to $15,000.

With your financial support, the Travis County Democratic Party will increase Democratic voter registration and improve turnout in East Austin by thousands of new voters this Fall.  The Party also will use these funds to re-elect proven Democrats; to elect new leaders such as Tim Sulak, Karin Crump, and Kurt Kuhn; and balance the State Board of Education with Democratic candidates Judy Jennings, Michael Soto, and Rebecca Bell-Metereau.

Please join me and double your donation to Texas Democrats by taking part in the matching fund drive today. Together, we can turn Texas back to blue!